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Types of the pomelo

Addtime:2013-06-20 15:26:38

There are actually three types of the pomelo

1. White Pomelo:

 Belonging to the Citrus Grand is family; the Israeli variety of the Pomelo is
 actually a exclusively huge fruit, described as huge juice saccules, extremely
 thicker peel, sweet pulp as well as exclusive odor. 

 White pomelo is usually offered as treat which will help in the digestion of
 food. The Pomelo is collected in between mid-October as well as mid-May.


2. Red Pomelo:

 Red pomelo has got softer as well as thinner-skinned variety. The Red
 Pomelo is good, tangy, as well as sour, compact along with pink pulp along
 with a a little more compacted design.

 This massive citrus fruit, abundant with vitamin c as well as potassium, is
 really an indigenous of Malaysia and is also thought to be the ancestor of
 the grape fruit.

 The Israeli-grown Red Pomelo ripens in between September as well as January.


3. Pink Pomelo:

 Pink pomelo consists of numerous seeds and is also so sweet as well as juicy.
 The pink pomelo can also be regarded as the remedy for stomach or even the
 intestinal worms.


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