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How to Plant a Pummelo Tree?

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A pummelo tree, or Citrus maxima, is a citrus fruit that originates from Southeast Asia. The fruit

tastes like a mild grapefruit and can reach a diameter of 10 inches. Growers cultivate the pummelo

tree commercially for the fruit, and gardeners also plant it at home. The pummelo tree is a tropical

plant and requires a warm climate to produce fruit. A grafted rootstock is the most common method

of propagating a pummelo tree. 

1. Plant pummelo trees in a warm climate. It generally only grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture
hardiness zones 9 and higher. This means the pummelo tree cannot tolerate temperatures below
20 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Select a planting site for the pummelo tree. It grows best in full sun and has a hightolerance for
salt. The soil for the pummelo tree should be sandy loam with good drainage. The soil pH should be
between 5.6 and 6.5, meaning the pummelo prefers acidic soil.

3. Obtain a grafted rootstock from a nursery in the spring. This typically consists of a pummelo scion
grafted onto a 2-year-old rootstock with desirable characteristics such as disease resistance and cold
4. Dig a hole with a shovel that is twice as wide as the pummelo tree’s root-ball and at least as deep
as the root-ball. Remove the tree from the nursery container without bending the roots. Spread the
roots out and place the tree in the hole so that the tree’s soil line is at the level of the soil. Fill the
hole with soil and firm it around the tree.

5. Water the pummelo tree immediately after planting. Water the tree weekly with 1 to 2 inches of
water during the growing season. A grafted pummelo should begin to bear fruit after two or three
years. The fruit is typically ready for harvest at the end of the growing season.
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